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Digital Strategy and Digital Research


We specialise in digital strategy and digital research for effective online marketing. We have built up our knowledge and expertise over 30 years in both the agency and corporate spaces.

Apart from our specialist skills in online marketing and integrated marketing, we also have a range of top international products in the fields of Online Reputation Management (ORM), Email, Contact, Events and Sales solutions, and one of the most capable international Big Data tools.


Why work with us?


  • We believe in online marketing that will bring you business.
  • We do not charge per hour, our costing is based on the value we can bring to you and your business.
  • We will deliver real results to your bottom line.
  • We live what we do, it is not just our job, it is our passion; and because of that, we want to achieve results that matter, both for our clients and for ourselves.


We focus on 4 key areas of marketing:


  • Digital Research (including an audit of your current business environment and your internal operations that support your marketing activities).
  • An integrated marketing strategy with a focus on digital (online) marketing, our specialisation, which supports and integrates with your other marketing initiatives.
  • Marketing implementation – across all your marketing channels; either by doing it ourselves or by supporting your current marketing team.
  • Reporting on all aspects of your marketing – it’s the only way you can measure the effectiveness of your marketing and plan your marketing spend for the most impact and value to your business.


Our solutions are based on the belief that most marketing services can deliver more to their clients and most marketing partnerships can be better structured.
- Carla Jones - Nouveautopia






    We are not an agency – our specialisation lies in working with agencies and organisations to optimise their marketing, and in integrating the different marketing channels effectively.  The link between marketing and operations is key, we are experienced at optimising models and processes in the marketing function. Our goal is to make your marketing activities seamless and effective.


    To support our specific service offerings, we also have a range of digital tools and online solutions on offer, as well as a range of enterprise marketing solutions.


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